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Author Topic: Minisuit Releases '3 in 1' Bluetooth Keyboard Stand Case For Nexus 10  (Read 4648 times)

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One of the frustrations that us Nexus 10 owners have come to accept is the lack of official accessories released by the company.   While we would have liked to have seen an official keyboard and dock or stand solution from Google and Samsung by now, fortunately third party companies are rising to the challenge and providing us with what we need.   Minisuit is one such company and we've previously presented their Nexus 10 Removable Bluetooth Keyboard Folio Stand Case here on the forum front page.  Well I'm happy to announce Minisuit has just come out with another cool new keyboard product for our Nexus 10 tablets in the form of a '3 in 1' bluetooth keyboard stand case that is similar to the model they've previously had for the Nexus 7...but now it's been enlarged for the Nexus 10.

Like the similar Nexus 7 case, the Nexus 10 model lets you dock your nexus 10 tablet in a slot right behind the keyboard to give you a great typing experience while positioning the screen for optimal viewing.  The keyboard connects wirelessly to your Nexus 10 via bluetooth so there's no messy cables needed.  The keys are of the chicklet variety and the keyboard has a rechargeable battery built-in that will give up to 55 hours of continuous use on just a 4-5 hour charge.

Oh...but it gets better.  When not using the keyboard, you'll notice the raised lip on both sides.  This lets you sandwich the keyboard right up against the nexus 10 turning it into a protective case/cover complete with rubberized back that along with the aluminum painted keyboard base creates a professional looking protective package that looks like it was factory OEM made for the Nexus 10.  The whole keyboard only adds a few millimeters of thickness and a few ounces of weight so it's very convenient, especially since it replaces the need for another case or cover since it covers the screen.  All this for only $33.95...just reduced from $42.95.  It's a pretty sweet accessory and you can grab one at the link below.

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All it needs is a pogo connector in the slot so it can charge the nexus and it would be perfect.

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I have the same for my 7, it works great, got another type for my 10 though...


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