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Author Topic: More Leaked Screen Grabs Point to Asus Made Nexus 10  (Read 2043 times)

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More Leaked Screen Grabs Point to Asus Made Nexus 10
« on: September 21, 2013, 10:57:50 AM »

Previously we had shown a screenshot hinting that the next version of the Nexus 10 would in fact be made not by Samsung but by Asus this time around.  Asus is widely praised for doing a great job with the latest Nexus 7 tablet so perhaps it'll be interesting to see what they can come up with vs. the Samsung built Nexus 10 of 2012.   Two more screen grabs this week seem to support the Asus Nexus 10 rumor.  First, we have a 'PCWorld' shot up above and then a shot from retailer 'Currys', both of which have the same parent company by the way.   Both show a $349.99 pound price, which is a bit above last year's model for the 16GB version. 

Now as far as specs go there's been no leaks that we know of but some have speculated that we most likely will see the same resolution 2560 x 1600 display but this time run by a Snapdragon 800, Adreno 300 GPU combo and perhaps having improved specs in the camera department.  We also could see improved battery life and a design that more closely mirrors the Nexus 7 design...with the soft touch back and Nexus branding.   One thing we hope they put some effort into is the supply of accessories.  Both the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 were woefully undersupplied with accessories for their tablets.  We had to rely on 3rd party options, which is all fine and good, but it would be nice to have a selection of dock, keyboard, case and some other cool options available from day one supplied by the manufacturer. 

Rumor has it that the Nexus 10 will be introduced alongside the rumored new Nexus 5 smartphone and Android 4.4 possibly on October 14th.   We'll let you know as soon as it gets confirmed but in the meantime...what would you like to see spec-wise on a Nexus 10?

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