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Author Topic: Nexus 10 Game Compatibility Spreadsheet Shows What Works/Struggles On N10  (Read 3278 times)

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With all the tech horsepower of the Exynos processor under the hood and that gorgeous 2560 x 1600 LPS screen up front, it's no surprise that gaming is near the top of the list of uses for a large number of Nexus 10 owners.   But as with any new devices there are bound to be some quirks and issues with some games.  While some run flawlessly and look custom tweaked for the N10, others may suffer from a bit of frame lag or worse.   Lucky for us then that a XDA member Evostance has set up a Google Speadsheet dedicated to keeping track of all known issues with popular Android games...as well as those that play flawlessly in hopes the developers will fix any issues that exist or aris asap.   

From Asphalt 7 to Beach Buggy Blitz to Grand Theft Auto III and Machinarium, you can check up on how your favorite game fares on the Nexus 10 at the link below.   Feel free to contribute to the database. It's a great resource and while most games seem to play flawlessly with the Nexus 10, it's nice to see that those that do have issues are being kept track of.  It's also good to see that it's not just you that's having issues with certain games and thus allieving any fears you might have that there's something wrong with your device.

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Re: Nexus 10 Game Compatibility Spreadsheet Shows What Works/Struggles On N10
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Very informative BFM. I am hoping to have a 10 after the New Year. Good Stuff.

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Google Play consists Machinarium incompatible with the Nexus 10. I was able to download it by using the build.prop of a Nexus 4, but now it only uses a small portion of the Nexus 10 screen. Since machinarium is listed as compatible in the spreadsheet, does this mean that there is a different trick to make it work full screen? Seemingly, this is possible, see

EDITED: just to make a fool of myself, right after my post, Amanita posts an update to Machinarium that adds support for the NEXUS 10. And it works just fine! Good news!
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