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Author Topic: Nexus 10 Magnetic Pogo Charger Available For $19.99 On Ebay  (Read 3821 times)

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Nexus 10 Magnetic Pogo Charger Available For $19.99 On Ebay
« on: December 27, 2012, 03:13:53 AM »

It seems that fabled magnetic pogo charger for the Nexus 10 that has been shown several times over the past few weeks has finally made its way into production.  You can snap one up on Ebay at the link below.  Now, a few notable points about the pogo charger.  It appears to be made by a company called Magnector, so probably is not an 'official' Google accessory, although from the pictures it looks well designed and of high quality.  The Pogo Charger attaches magnetically to your Nexus 10 via the two magnets located on the sides of the pogo pins.  The charger reportedly charges your Nexus 10 about twice as fast as the standard MicroUSB technique.  Apparently, while up and available on Ebay right now for $19.99 plus $6 shipping,  they've sold out of batches before so you should grab one while still available.  The charger is shipping from Korea so it'll be sometime in the first week of 2013 before you see yours.   Seems like a pretty sweet accessory who's ordering one?

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