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Author Topic: Nexus 10 Sales Estimated To Be Approximately 680,000 Units  (Read 1625 times)

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Nexus 10 Sales Estimated To Be Approximately 680,000 Units
« on: April 25, 2013, 07:52:59 PM »

Google's Nexus 10 Sales have been rather modest if the estimates from Benedict Evans are to believed.  Now Google does not announce official numbers of its devices and Samsung also has not issued forth so what Benedict did was to take some data regarding screen sizes from the company's development data and combine it with Asus's announcement of their tablet sales (most of which were Nexus 7s).   Now Google calls the Nexus 7 screen large TVDPI and the Nexus 10 screen size xlarge XHDPI.  By taking data of what tablet screen sizes have visited Google Play and total Android users in a nutshell he came up with a figure of approximately 680,000 Nexus 10's in use since its launch this past fall.   Now this is not a particularly large number, but then again for a 10 inch tablet it's not bad either.  It does pale however when put up against the estimated 6.8 million Nexus 7's and of course the 30+ million iPads.  You can read more about the methodology used to get the 680k number at the link below.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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