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Author Topic: Nexus 10 Straight Cord Car Charger With IC Chip+LED For $6.99  (Read 2070 times)

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Now here's an accessory item I've found to be really useful and I bet a lot of you haven't thought of it.  It's a car charger for your Nexus 10 that lets you charge or use your tablet while in the car without worry of running out of battery power just buy plugging it into your car's cigarette lighter.  Particularly useful when using your Nexus 10's GPS for navigation or for a passenger using it to watch movies.   

Now I've gone through several car chargers over the years for various phones and tablets and there's a few things I look for when buying one, especially for a tablet.  First off, while those spiral twisty cords might look nice and save space, I've found that over time the pressure it puts on the Micro USB connection on the tablet by pulling down on it actually will either ruin the cord, ruin the connector or both.  Therefore I prefer a 'straight cord' charger so that tension isn't there. 

Next I want my charger to have a specialized IC chip built in that is able to detect when my tablet is fully charged so that it can go into 'standby mode'...oh and I want a bright LED indicator light to show me this too so that I'll get visual notification of when my tablet is all charged up.  Next...I want something that's inexpensive because as much as we try to buy quality gear inevitably cables occasionally go bad...although the 4mm thick cord here should last longer than many of the less flimsy ones.

The SM Wireless Nexus 7/Nexus 10 charger (it works with both) below fills all my requirements and in fact I've been using it over the past week.  It feels decently made and so far has been charging my Nexus 10 and letting me use it while on the road without any issues.  I'm especially liking the straight cord which gives me the easy mobility to pass my tablet over to my passenger in the driver's seat or even to the back seat with the 6 foot+ cord plenty long and with none of that coiled nonsense that ruins the connectors.  It's only $6.99 and that includes free shipping...so if you've been looking for a car charger for your Nexus 10 grab one or two...and let me know what you think after you use it.

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Re: Nexus 10 Straight Cord Car Charger With IC Chip+LED For $6.99
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Does it actually charge while the Tablet is on? That's my biggest peeve with all chargers, auto and home, they don't give enough juice while the screen is on... The charge amount continues to drop, maybe not as fast as not plugged in, but still drops.
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