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Nexus 10 Help / Re: Battery life
« on: September 22, 2017, 12:59:51 PM »
I bought my Nexus 10 as a Xmas present to myself Dec of 2012.  Battery finally started being flaky and suddenly dropping to 0% anytime it approached 50% in summer of 2015.  Searched for a replacement battery, and though places listed it they were always out of stock or back ordered.  Finally in Dec 2015 one of the places (encompassparts.com) notified me that they were getting them in stock.  Bought one; it was a solid Samsung manufactured replacement; installed it using the video link they provided; and my Nexus 10 is still running strong (cross fingers...) today.  Recommended.

The replacement cost me $87 + $10 shipping.  Well worth it.  I can watch a 2-hr movie on a plane and still have 75% battery left.  3-4 hours of heavy web browsing, including short videos, etc will take it near 50%.  It's back to normal, battery-life wise.

I've still got mine running Android 4.3, which is what it was designed for, does not have the various wifi bugs (for the N10, anyways) in later versions, is tablet optimized (unlike later versions), etc.  Used a permission app that worked against unintentionally exposed permission interface in 4.3 to suppress the "update" notifications.  So I just chug along, works great, have run into occasional issues where an app will only run on new Android, but I don't care.  Nothing essential.

It will be five years old this Dec, which is like 50 tablet years.  I've probably got 5,000+ hours of screen time on the thing.  Will be very sad when I've finally got to move on.

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