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The Lounge: Off Topic Forum / Nexus 10 issue, vulnerability...
« on: April 10, 2014, 08:56:49 AM »
Yesterday My Nexus 10 shut down and displayed a red caution triangle under the Android hood on a recovery screen.  This could be from anything, but at the moment it occured I had touched the screen with the corner of a metallic / plastic bag, like a snack / chips bag.
My first thought was that it was interesting that the bags touch had turned the screen off, then the fault screen of "death" so I thought. I tried power to turn off, and nothing, power + volume up, volume down, nothing, power + both volume up/down and I was able to scroll, with volume rocker through off, reboot, recovery etc, none fixed the issue, just returned to the same recovery type sceen, off did turn unit off but upon restart it returned to same screen. 
I figured it was toast/soft bricked so I connected to the laptop to run Wugfresh's app to wipe/unbrick the Nexus.  I've used Wugs app a few times to help with issues, nothing like this, and of course for the Rooting process of all my Nexi.  I connected the tablet to the laptop, clicked on soft-bricked/Bootloop and a different recovery screen popped up on the tablet, I scrolled through and clicked on reboot and the unit restarted as if nothing had occurred, no wipe or anything.  So another big thank you to Wugfresh and his amazing app.
Issue maybe not be confined to this device alone.
I'm not sure if it was the metallic film touching the screen, or my tablet taking a test nap, but I'd suggest not allowing any metallic film or objects to touch the screen. I've touched the screen before with objects but nothing occured, my last thought is that there was static in the bag and a small charge was released when it touched the screen.  I'm not willing to test it again though ;)
Use and Support Wugfresh and his apps, this is not an advertisement, just personal experience and hopefully helpful information.

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