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Nexus 10 Polls / Magnetic Pogo Charger Cable for Nexus N10
« on: February 03, 2017, 01:47:50 PM »
Hi everyone, I have been searching for a pogo charger cable for months and have not been able to get one.
I want learn how many other Nexus 10 users are also frustrated by the lack of these cables.
I have already made an ordinary post requesting any info regarding purchasing such cables.
There has been no response but over 2400 views since Nov 2016
I have just watched such a cable on eBay sell for $76 ( and my max bid was $74  :'(. )
So I thought I would create a poll to see how much demand there is out there

Hi Everyone,
I am a new member and I have configured my account to receive emails.
I want to purchase a magnetic pogo charger cable (something like the Magnector N10 cable)
I am unable to locate such a cable.
Are there any N10 users out there that can tell me where to find this item?
I think this web site has a poll capability. Should I try a poll to see how many members would like to buy such a cable. Perhaps if numbers are large enough we could get a production run.
Many thanks for any help you can give in advance ...

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