Ugreen Rewards Program

Get more ways to unlock great perks. This is your all access pass to exclusive rewards.  

About [Ugreen Points]

Earn more [Ugreen Points] for different actions, and turn those [Ugreen Points] into awesome rewards!

How to Earn Ugreen Points?

How To Earn

Points Earned

Sign-up for the Program

  20 UGreen Points

Place an Order

1 Ugreen Point:

for every $1 spent

Like Us on Facebook

20 Ugreen Points

On Your Birthday

50 Ugreen Points

Follow Us on Instagram

20 Ugreen Points

Follow Us on Twitter

20 Ugreen Points

Share Us on Twitter

20 Ugreen Points

Share Us on Facebook

20 Ugreen Points


Points Needed

$5 off coupon (applies to orders over $10)

5 Ugreen Points

$50 off coupon (applies to orders over $100)

40 Ugreen Points

$100 off coupon (applies to orders over $200)

70 Ugreen Points

Ways to Redeem?


Note : Ugreen points expire after one year.




Share your referral link with your friends and after registering they will get a coupon for 10% off. If your friends make a purchase, receive a coupon for $5 off.





Q1.Who is allowed to join the Ugreen Rewards Program?  >>>

All Ugreen customers are welcome to join the rewards program.

Q2.How do I join the program? Is there a fee?  >>>

There is no fee to sign-up for the reward program. Click "Ugreen Rewards Program" to sign up and start earning your Ugreen points!

Q3.How do I redeem points? 

Log into your member account (bottom right corner of the website), find the Ugreen Rewards Program page and click on your points to redeem them.

Q4.Do points expire? 

Yes, if you do not make a qualifying purchase within one year, the points will expire. An email will be sent to remind you that your points are about to expire.

Q5.Can I share or trade points? 

No you cannot. Points are nontransferable and can only be redeemed by members.